• Software

    CentOS7 Linux for our public data server platform (uon)
    CentOS7 Linux for our origination data server platform (xon)
    Red Hat Linux for our media server platform (ion)
    ORACLE Solaris 11 for our backup data server platform (pon)
    Ubuntu Linux for our main group data server platform (kon)
    Ubuntu Linux for our backup group data server platforms (jon)

    Apple's Mac OS Mojave 10.14.0 for our eight iMac data/media development workstations
     (bon, con, don, fon, gon, hon, son, von)

    XQuartz 2.7.8 for X Windows emulation
    HTML/CSS for website development
    PHP 5 for dynamic online applications
    MySQL for database applications
    Javascript for dynamic online applications
    Adobe Photoshop CC2018 for image manipulation and editing
    Adobe Flash Pro CC2018 for dynamic online applications
    Adobe's InDesign CC2018 for graphics applications development
    Apple's Final Cut Pro X for media applications development
    Adobe Flash Media Server 4.0 for RTMP streaming (ion)

• File servers

We use several file servers, which are mirrored to contain the same information. We back our servers automatically every day. For added security, the servers are located in different buildings.

• Media servers

We use three media servers, which are mirrored to contain the same information.

• File management

We use the shell (terminal window) for file management. The shell (vector) is more effective that a conventional window (raster).

• Privileged access

About 20% of our website has privileged access, requiring username and password.

• Templates

Every once in a while, we create a new webpage using HTML and CSS, with cut and paste editing as appropriate. Once created, we use the page repeatedly as a template for new pages of similar content.

• Graphics

We use a variety of backgrounds and colors to provide a page design that is appealing to the eye. We make extensive use of image manipulation (Adobe Photoshop) and graphic design software (Adobe InDesign).

• Video

Our video portal highlights our growing capabilities in this area.

• Numbered

We use a five-digit link (Example: 41059) numbering system to uniquely refer to links on the site.

• New

We use a New page to highlight new links on the site.

• Subdomains

We make extensive use of subdomains to highlight the most important links of the site.

• Search/Index

We use a unique search/index engine to readily find links on the site.

• Slide show

Click here to view a slide show of our random rotary portal images.

• Updates

We comb our website regularly to update information as needed. We adhere to the concept that website development is an ongoing experience.

• Size

    19,000 links
    1,198 random portal images
    369 scripts
    396 videos
    110 subdomains
    254 legacy tales